Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stand Up for Yourself!

It is one thing for us to challenge old beliefs and to recognize our budding desire to behave in new ways, and quite another to know how to begin. We often lack the skills and the confidence necessary to implement the changes we wish to make. When we have been silent and passive a good deal of our lives, it is difficult to become clear, direct and assertive. Although we can easily see that other people are valuable and have rights, we may view ourselves as exceptions to this rule. It is often a shift in focus to begin to see ourselves as worthy, and as valuable as anyone else. This shift cannot and does not occur easily, nor does it occur over night. We may agree intellectually that all people, male or female, have certain basic human rights, but to actually recognize and stand up for these rights for ourselves is challenging. It is a challenge worth taking on, however, and essential to creating a peaceful and serene life – a life that is free of compulsive eating behavior.

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