Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to the Chew Tamer's Blog

Welcome! I am thrilled as a professional speaker, author, psychologist and doctor of holistic health, to be writing my first post for the Chew Tamer's Blog. My wish is for this blog to serve as a vehicle for sending you interesting and helpful information about ways to "tame your chew" as addressed in my book, The Taming of the Chew. Many of you already know that your "chew" is another name for your appetite and for many of us our appetites can be out of control at times. We also know that ways we have tried to control our appetites have failed us miserably in the past. Most of us are tired of all the messages we receive about how to look, what to say, how to be and what body size we should strive for. Most of us have yo- yo dieted and we all know now through our personal experience that diets don't work -- in fact they are harmful and cause weight gain.

I am a survivor of multiple eating disorders, and I am committed to helping people who are tired of all the confusing and discouraging messages and want to live lives of balance, radiant health and joy. We all have a desire to be and do all that we can and there are as many paths to attaining that as there are people on earth.

I will use this blog to tell you about new ways to move more smoothly along your particular "Chew Tamer's Journey". I am always discovering new tools and learning of new ways to help you connect with yourself and your spirit and to work WITH your appetite, instead of AGAINST it.

I will notify you of workshops, new products, books and other opportunities for growth and will let you know where I will be speaking and training so you can come and join me! I hope to meet many of you as our paths twist and turn and perhaps someday cross.