Monday, October 18, 2010

Start Moving, Stop overeating

I grew up in a house with a large wooded area behind it. When I was small, I would run as fast as I could along the paths trying not to break a single twig or make a sound. I would run swiftly (like a deer, I thought). Sometimes I imagined I was an Indian princess or a brave running to save my village (I never knew from what). The wind would race past my ears. I would feel free and light as I hopped over tiny streams and logs. Moving was a game then. It was about having fun. Do you have a favorite memory of feeling comfortable like that in your body as a child? Many people do, but many do not, especially if they became physically self-conscious early on. For many of us though, moving stopped being fun at some time early in our lives.
I don’t know when I stopped running like a deer, but at some point I did. Maybe I just got too busy with life and the business of paying attention to everyone else. Maybe I got self-conscious as I developed breasts. Maybe I realized that having fun being in my body was for “little kids” and I got too old for that sort of thing. I don’t know. Whatever messages I did receive about my body did not encourage grace and speed unless they referred to competition or exhibition, like dancing class or team sports. What I do know is that the less I moved, the more junk food I ate compulsively. How about you?