Monday, May 9, 2011

Food Prison - Let Me Out!

In my experience, people who don’t care about themselves or their lives do not come through my door struggling with emotional eating and food control issues. On the contrary, those who seek my services are generally intelligent, motivated, creative, and perfectionistic. For the most part, those who ask for help are energetic and resourceful, but much of their energy is tied up obsessing about food or weight. Because of their eating habits, their physical energy is often low and because of their poor self-esteem, their emotional energy is also affected.

I am convinced that within each of us there exists a center where we love ourselves, and harbor the desire to grow and to be creative. Our creativity may shine when we are writing, drawing, cooking, gardening, knitting or listening to a friend, for example. We want to reach out, to stretch ourselves beyond our familiar, daily routines but we often feel afraid or stuck. Being obsessed with body size and food keeps our energy tied up and this can provide us with an illusion of safety. We don’t have to confront our fears and move forward if we focus on winning this war we are raging against our bodies. Being obsessed with food is like being in a prison where we are both the jailer and the jailed. To break out of our self-imposed prisons we need to develop our spiritual selves. This is a vital part of the process of freeing ourselves to grow and to develop to our greatest potential.

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