Monday, May 23, 2011

Perfection is NOT the Answer!

It is extremely difficult for most of the people I see to embrace the fact that it is normal and OK, in fact, to lapse at times. Most women and men who seek my services have the idea that they need to be perfect and behave perfectly at all times. Since this is impossible, they set themselves up to fail. If they insist on meeting this unattainable goal they usually end up feeling ashamed, guilty, anxious, discouraged and depressed when they “fail” and this triggers more self-abusive binging and out-of-control behavior.

So, setting unrealistic goals leads ultimately to more overeating, more self-punishing, more helpless feelings and more overeating. This is the vicious cycle that gets set up when one insists on perfect behavior at all times. Of course, each person is already perfect as is but they don’t often realize that. Instead they confuse this with perfect behavior (which none of us can achieve all the time). So, it is better to be gentle with yourself, focus on moving forward and to hop back on track each time you slip. Punishing yourself and beating yourself up will only make everything worse.

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