Monday, December 1, 2008

What are you thankful for?

It is that time of year – the holiday season has arrived full force. Our economy is struggling and we may be eating more than ever as I explained in one of my November posts. What is vital is that we see beyond the hardships of today and allow ourselves to focus on the abundance that we do have all around us.

It costs nothing to watch a sunrise or sunset or to play a game with a child, toss a ball for your puppy or visit a friend who is alone. These are some activities that can make your holiday worthwhile. What do you appreciate in your life? What are you grateful for?

I am blessed to have a modest but warm and cozy home, a car that doesn’t let me down. I have many friends and family members whom I love and who love me in return. I am basically healthy and, although not wealthy, I always have food to eat. I have a voice and I can sing, although those who hear me may run from my not-so-melodious tones. No matter. I am having fun and that’s what it’s all about.

Think of the joys in your life. Remember the best of times and make this day count. For me it is about my attitude. If I look out at the gray New England skies this afternoon I can focus on the dismal, damp, chilly experience of the cold or I can focus on how snuggly I am inside sipping hot tea and relaxing. I can meditate and later I can go out into the elements with my puppy to walk and to wonder how the earth can be so beautiful in shades of pastel grays and browns. My walk will be what I make it.

So remember, it is up to you. Each and every minute you are the one who can change your life. You can hide under a pile of cookies and perpetuate your emotional eating routine or you can remind yourself that you are in charge of you and move forward. It helps to list things you are grateful for and then to meditate, play music or just involve yourself in an interesting project. There are as many ways to avoid emotional eating as there are humans. What are your ways? What do you want to do differently? How can you take the very best, most gentle care of yourself without abusing yourself with empty calories and lost time?

Today is yours. Meet it and make it count! As always, I remind you that you are worth it!

My very best wishes,
Dr. Denise

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