Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Before you binge...

Before you binge, take a few minutes to close your eyes and figure out what you're feeling. If you attend appropriately to your feeling, the urge to binge will likely pass. (For example, If you are lonely, call a friend; tired, take a nap; bored, read a book.)

Use the remedies in the Bach Flower Emotional Eating Support Kit. This contains three extremely powerful and effective essences:
Cherry Plum keeps you in control, Crab Apple improves body image and Chestnut Bud helps you stop sabotaging yourself again and again as your stress levels keep rising rise and your waistline contiues to expand. These all-natural remedies, derived from flowering plants and trees, are safe, effective and can be used without the worry of side effects. The Bach Original Flower Remedies provide a calming positive aid to balancing emotions and restoring energy.

When the urge to overeat strikes and you know it isn't physical hunger, it will help to distract yourself for a short while. (For example, take a little walk, meditate, just sit and breathe, prayer helps as well.)

Be sure your nutritional needs are adequately met. If you haven't giving your body the nutriants it really needs, it will continue to send hunger messages and it won't matter if you eat a tub full of pasta or a bowl of candy, you will still experience hunger until you are so over-filled that you don't feel well. Also, stay hydrated as dehydrathion can mask itself as hunger.

Remind yourself of all your blessings and enjoy your special holiday.

warmly, Dr. Denise

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