Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Party Survival

The holidays are here and this means extra parties, extra goodies and sometimes extra pounds. Here are just a couple of ideas to help you stay on track yet still have fun during the festivities.

Eat before you get to the party so you won't be so hungry upon arrival -- I suggest some fruit and protein, like a cheese stick, an apple and some whole grain crackers.

When we feel better emotionally, psychologically, we naturally take better care of ourselves and make better choices so give yourself some "nurturing" time before the festivities begin, like taking a nap, meditating, enjoying a nice country walk if your climate permits.

Something that has been VERY helpful for my clients is to take an index card and write a list of reasons you want to be in control and eat well at all times, such as "I want to feel proud of myself when tonight is over" or "I want to continue the great work I am doing on being healthy and I know if I go overboard tonight that it will be a terrible setback" or, my favorite, "I am worth taking the very best care of myself." When things feel tough and you are tempted to do some emotional eating, slip away to a quiet place like the rest room and read your card. This will bring you back to center.

Limit alcoholic beverages. When we over drink, we are most likely to overeat as well.

Enjoy yourself but treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve!

warmly, Dr. Denise

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