Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Basic Emotions

Let's look at the two basic emotions that exist in the universe – fear and love. Think of it this way, whenever you make a choice that leaves you feeling badly about yourself, physically depleted, anxious, scared, guilty or angry you have acted out of fear. You have momentarily slipped off your path to perfect health and joy. You are having an experience of separation from your spirit. This is a painful, lonely and frequent experience of anyone who behaves compulsively. It is an experience of disconnection.

Whenever we make a choice from a place of love, we experience an entirely different assortment of feelings that are manifestations of this love – joy, peace, contentment, pride and love itself. It is then that we know deep inside that we have stepped back onto our path and that we are progressing in our development. Self-loving choices are spiritually enhancing and the more we make, the better we feel and the less compulsive, self-harming choices we will make.

Try this for yourself. Next time you notice the urge to reach for your sugar fix ask your self what is in your best interest. What is likely to further your spiritual development and what will inevitably push you off your spiritual path? When you make a less than self-loving choice, and you will because we all do at times, just observe yourself. Notice how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will likely find yourself infused with feelings of anxiety and fear and you may feel physically depleted. You may also experience guilt and shame and feel frustrated and defeated. Without judging, just notice this experience. It is not a mistake. Observe yourself and your reactions and the memory of this may be a valuable lesson. It may help you make a different, more self-loving choice at a future time.

Please notice just as keenly when you do make a self-loving choice. This is also a valuable learning experience. You are likely to feel proud of yourself. You will have more physical energy, feel more lovable and more connected to yourself, to your children, others, and to the world in general. You will know that you are progressing along your spiritual path and you will notice a distinct difference. You will proceed with lightness – feeling more confident, more buoyant, more calm.

The more you stop and consider your alternatives and make your choices in the spirit of love the more you will notice that peace, lightness and joy manifest in your life and you will have more fun! That is life’s purpose! By the way, please do visit my website and sign up for my free newsletter, Dr. Denise's Chew Tamer's Journey. It is free. I won't share your address with anyone and you will find many useful articles there to help ease you along your path to radiant health and joy!


Dr. Denise

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