Monday, March 17, 2008

Listen to Emotions, Don't Diet

Dieting will never bring you the result you are truly wishing to achieve--radiant health, perfect weight, joyful spirit and optimal wellness in every area of youyr life. But your appetite can help you attain these worthy goals!

Your appetite (or Chew) transmits a constant stream of messages to you that frequently are NOT about actual hunger.

If you simply pay attention to the “hunger” messages and attempt to satiate yourself with food, you have missed important communication from your internal guidance system. You are likely to remain hungry and not feel satisfied.

When you “tame” or befriend your appetite and pay close attention to the valuable communication it brings, you begin to value your appetite as a true friend, instead of a foe.

Because your desires extend far beyond controlling both your food intake and your weight, your Chew begins to work beside you to encourage you along the path to radiant health, joy, balance and the creation of the life you truly desire -- free from emotional eating.

To craft your ideal life, you must be clear about what your desires actually are and learn to be positive as much as possible. Then, as The Law of Attraction assures, you will attract positive experiences and feelings.

Your tamed Chew will be friendly, loyal, playful and stand beside you. It will alert you vigilantly when you are on the right track, moving towards achieving your life goals or when you are not.

It will constantly and faithfully deliver messages from your internal guidance system about what choices are in your best interest in all aspects of your life. The more often you listen to and heed the messages transmitted by your emotional guidance system, the better your life will be!

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