Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be the Goddess You Are

You are a goddess. Treat yourself as such! Think of things you like to do and do them! Restore your spirit. Schedule relaxing massages. Manicures, pedicures or facials are fantastic. Write in your journal. Dance. Sing. Treat yourself to a movie, a play, a walk on the beach or to a fine dining experience. Use your creative talents. Draw, sew, knit or paint. Try modeling with clay or writing a poem. No one can tell you what is best for you. Our needs are individual and very personal. One woman’s relaxation is another’s stress -- play with different ideas and you will discover ways to soothe your emotions and refresh your spirit.

It is important to make laughter and fun priorities in your life. Do check out Succulent Wild Women: Dancing with your Wonder-full Self by Sark. She will tickle your funny bone and bring life’s trials and tribulations into perspective. We may have many lifetimes to look forward to but we can’t be sure of that so we must do all we can to enjoy this one. Make the most of every day! Remind yourself to live each day as if it were your last. It is human nature to forget this at times. Remind yourself – again and again and again. The idea is to nurture yourself as often as possible in as many ways as you can imagine. Set time aside each day to think about what your real needs are and attend to them. You will feel a difference and you may notice you feel happier, are smiling more often and have more energy. When you begin to fulfill your true needs, food issues will become less important. Your self-esteem will increase along with your capacity to appreciate yourself.

Remember: never treat yourself harshly – never deprive yourself or berate yourself. This never helps. Instead, remind yourself that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Take responsibility for recognizing and fulfilling your deepest desires. Tell your “Chew” you’re absolutely not interested in hearing any more of those negative messages. Continually check in with yourself to decide what you really want and need at any moment in time. Live your life with zest and enjoy every minute. You deserve nothing less! After all, You ARE a goddess!

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