Monday, November 1, 2010

What Do Clothes Have To Do With Overeating?

What do clothes have to do with it?

Have you ever stopped to pay attention to the ways men and women are expected to dress? I’m not talking about casual wear. Fortunately, much of that is “gender friendly.” I am talking about clothes for work, for a date, for the office or an evening out, for example. Have you ever looked at a fashion magazine and compared images of both genders? The men are seen standing comfortably in some combination of pants and shirts or jackets. Women, on the other hand, are often found in various uncomfortable positions balancing precariously on shoes with high heels that offer no support to their feet.
These women often appear in tight skirts or dresses and, unless they are as thin as pencils, they may have tight undergarments on that pinch when they exhale. In some outfits women look and feel constricted. The clothes they have on just don’t fit. Now this is a sensitive area for some people and I am not saying there is anything wrong with wearing the latest styles. What I am saying is that some of these styles are not a comfortable choice of clothing for many of us. It is hard for us to relax and feel okay about being ourselves. In clothes that make us uncomfortable on the outside it is even harder for us to feel comfortable on the inside. And when we are uncomfortable within, that so often leads to overeating to soothe our discomfort.

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