Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Body, My Enemy?

Not only do professionals lack knowledge of the physical reasons for overeating but society in general does as well. We are socialized to be preoccupied with weight and physical appearance and, in the process, we often cut ourselves off from our physical selves. We can maintain a negative image of our body within our subconscious mind while, in fact, having little actual awareness of ourselves as being in a body that feels and performs and moves about for us all day long. Many women look in the mirror only from the neck up. They apply creams and make up and often give little attention and nurturance to the rest of their beings. From the neck down is regarded as “the enemy” – that body which adamantly refuses to cooperate and conform to society’s unrealistically thin image. How can we expect to love and care for our body if we detach from it and think of our body as an enemy?

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