Monday, January 26, 2009

Creativity is your Spirit

Your joyous and creative nature is the voice of your spirit. Perhaps you have heard people say that they are not creative. Maybe you are one of those people. If you think you are not creative, you are wrong. Believing that you are not comes from faulty messages received from others that you have taken in and regarded as your truth.

The truth is we are spiritual beings and each of us has gifts to be appreciated and shared. Perhaps your creativity has been suppressed. You may have heard comments that your coloring was not precisely inside the lines or maybe you chose green, purple or brilliant orange for the hair of the characters you were coloring and were told that the colors you chose were not appropriate. Chances are you learned to abandon your urges in favor of coloring pictures that would gain approval. How sad to think that the effervescent being that you were had to conform to society’s standards.

Our creative self is curious, playful and mischievous. This is our spiritual self. We are glorious, joyful beings who have been swept up in the complexities of this material world and have lost touch with the magic deep within our souls. We can do something about this and, to be truly happy, we must.

We need to rekindle our spiritual flame and recapture our essence – our joy, freedom and playfulness. We may know this on some deep, intuitive level, but how to do so is the question. We may feel confused and disconnected from each other as well as from ourselves and our spirits. The first step is reconnection.

So… do something today that will help you connect with the wonderful spirit that is you. Call a friend and go for a walk or bike ride. Pick up your Chew doll and tell it all your woes, then put it back on the shelf and leave the Chew to take care of your problems – leaving you free to have fun! Pull out that old sketch book and “play” at art. Dance around the house in your pajamas. Pick up your hairbrush and use it as a microphone while you sing at the top of your lungs! Be creative. Play. Enjoy life and food won’t be calling you so loudly. Emotional eating will become a distant memory!

My very warmest wishes,
Dr. Denise

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