Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We're all a Part of Something Bigger

We’re all a Part of Something Bigger

Today is an important day in the United States of America. It is Election Day and the turnout at the polls is record breaking. I have not witnessed such fervor ever before. People in line, at least in my New Hampshire town, were not teasing of laughing about the election. People did not have a casual attitude about this at all. The majority were fervent in their commitment to a particular candidate and reluctant to voice their choice.

The election is an example of a country united. We may be divided along party lines but that we are all in this together is the underlying feeling. We all care about domestic and foreign issues and we care about our country and its’ future. Tonight millions of us will be staying up late to watch the election results as they roll in. It will be history making and exciting. For some of us it will be an evening of celebrations. For others, grave disappointment. Tomorrow our country will be setting sail on a new course.

So think about how you can bring this down to a personal level and chart a new course for yourself. We are all a pert of something – a family, an institution, a country. How can we be the very best possible part of our connected world? What can each of us do to help our world move towards unity, peace and mutual respect? What is your part? I am thinking hard about what mine is.

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