Thursday, October 16, 2008

Isolation Causing Problems?

Sorry to be so late this week with this entry. I am in the midst of moving my office from a small, tiny actually, town into a small but lively city. I have noticed my energy dropping for the past several months and kept trying to figure out why. My emotional eating is no longer in control of me and I exercise every day. My relationship is solid and fulfilling and I live in a beautiful condo in a very friendly community. I also have the best little dog in the universe. However, no matter what I thought of, I couldn't put my finger on the cause of this low grade depression.

Then one day it occurred to me that I might be lonely. Now I am a person who has many freinds and always has plenty to do. Boredom and lonliness have been strangers to me... until now. My intention is to live the most fulfilling and joyful life possible and in order to do so, I have to be happy. To feel happy, I have to attend to my own needs and do what it takes to pull energy to me and to feel good.

Once I realized that I was sad from operating for so many years in isolation, I quickly began a search for the "perfect" office for me in my town of Exeter, NH. My intention was to find a place large enough to house group meetings. I am interested in expanding my group proactice to not only groups for emotional eating issues and life fulfillment but also for people who are taking care of elderly parents or other loved ones.

It is no surprise that the universe cooperated with me and I walked right in to find the perfect office that meets all of my needs. So, I am busy, thriving, doing what I know is the very best for me. I feel an energy that I have been out of touch with for quite a long while. My message to you is this:

Sometimes when we find ourselves sad and often overeating it is a clear message from our own emotional guidance system telling us that we are not moving in the right direction. We need something that we are not giving ourselves. Please pay attention to what you love, what brings you joy and then spend a little quiet time every day focusing on the discovery and manifestation of whatever brings you your joy. I was isolated and craving connection. You may be overwhelmed and needing some quiet. You are unique and so your needs are quite individual. Do whatever you really want to do. This is your life to live and mostly to enjoy!

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