Monday, March 12, 2012

Reminder...Don't Miss Dr. Denise's Presentation

We are getting rave reviews on The New beauty Revolution!

We have an amazing week in store for you!
With Nina Price, Dr Denise Lamothe, Camille Leon, Amber Krzys you will dive deep into many ways to nourish and love your body.

See you tomorrow night at 5:00pm for my presentation: In order to overcome emotional eating you first have to understand what it is

Click here scroll down to March 13, Dr. Denise Lamothe and press play!
If you can't listen right at 5:00 pm you can listen to The New Beauty Revolutionary recordings later!

And don’t forget! You can arrange private consultations with Dr. Denise Lamothe. Contact her today at or 603-493-6043

Many Blessings! Dr. Denise

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