Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food For Feelings

For many of us food has been a trusted friend, a comfort. When we feel lonely or afraid or sad, food is always there. We use it to mask our difficult feelings and to nurture ourselves. We can count on it. In the moment, it does not let us down. When we use food as a comfort, however, the result is usually discomfort. We feel disappointed in ourselves and beat ourselves up emotionally with negative messages. When we have binged and feel exhausted, we vow never to abuse food again. Of course, the next time difficult feelings arise, we do. We do this because we have learned that “food works” and we have reinforced that again and again over the years. So, food works in the short term but in the long term overeating reinforces our negative self-image, lowers our self-esteem level and confirms again that we are out of control. We cannot change this behavior and Tame our Chew until we learn healthy ways to cope with difficult feelings.

My new book, The Appetite Connection: Six Steps to Your Delicious Life and The Body You Long For will be coming out at the end of July. These six steps are clear and ever so effective! This is a book with real answers to your important questions and also urges you never to diet again!!! I will keep you posted as the release date draws near!. Meanwhile, join me on Facebook (!/profile.php?id=1158957675 ) and post your questions...I love hearing from you! ...and Twitter (!/DocDenise ) to keep up withal the exciting things happening this summer!

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