Monday, February 22, 2010

Make friends with your body

Over the years we often become so focused on weight and appearance that we lose touch with the magic of our own movement. Also, our bodies mirror our emotions and if we feel rigid and tense, our bodies will likewise constrict. Moving our bodies is necessary if we are going to take care of ourselves. Remember, to achieve and maintain a reasonable weight, we must change our focus from how we look to how we feel. If we don’t use our body, we can’t appreciate it. If we don’t appreciate it, we can’t love and accept it. If we don’t love and accept it, we will not take the steps necessary to nurture it.

For many of us the thought of making friends with our body is frightening and may sound impossible. It is not. Begin paying attention to the things about your body that you appreciate. Nothing is too little to note. For example, be happy if your eyes can see, your ears can hear, your feet can move and you can walk. We may not all have these abilities but we all can still find things to be grateful for. Appreciate yourself and start being your own friend. Emotional eating will fade into the background!

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