Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Dr. Denise Lamothe, Emotional Eating Expert, THIS TIME I MEAN IT!

This year, instead of setting the frustrating, impossible to keep goals of daily exercise and deprivation dieting, try something new.

First I invite you to join me for an exciting webinar on January 3rd, 2:00 Eastern Standard time, 11 Pacific time. This is an exciting opportunity. I will join 3 colleagues and we will present a 1 1/2 hour seminar called "This Time I Mean It!" Please follow the link for details and I do hope you will join me. Not only will you have fun and get great information but you'll receive free gifts! Wow! What an opportunity! I'm sure you'll agree...

Meanwhile, here are a few tips for you as you move from "holiday (I didn't take the best care of myself)" mode to "joyous, vibrant health" mode...

First, instead of giving anything up, make your new year's resolution to become the healthiest and happiest you can be.

Find a flexible, healthy eating plan that appeals to you -- something you can live with long term.

Readjust your exercise goals. Instead of daily, how about three or four days a week?

Set your sights on long term improvement -- no quick fixes.

Try something new -- take an art classes, try a new activity or enroll in an enrichment course at your local college. Sign up for "ThisTime I mean It!" You will be able to ask your questions and to hear three different perspectives.

Use the Bach Flower Emotional Eating Support Kit to improve your body image, stay in control and stop repeating the same old mistakes.

Find a fun buddy (NOT a diet buddy) plan something fun each week to do together. You will have that to look forward to and take your mind off of your worries.

Stay positive. When things are getting you down, make a list of things you appreciate in your life. This can turn your mood around and eating won't be so compelling.

I send you warm wishes and much joy in 2010.

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