Monday, February 9, 2009

Abundance and Prosperity

Lately I have been thinking about abundance and prosperity and how most people I know long for these in their lives but seem unable to actually manifest them. I wonder why that is. Have you ever wished for something but ended up frustrated because you didn’t get it? Did you dream and your dream didn’t come true? Did you wonder why?

Why are some people so blessed that they seem to get anything and everything they want? Are they just lucky? I don’t think so.

First, you must ask yourself what abundance means to you. Is it all about money or fame? Is it about fulfilling work, the perfect body or close relationships? What exactly do you dream of? It helps to ponder this question and strive for clarity because we often don’t focus and get clear and precise about our desires and then we attract through mixed messages and confusion and we become victims of circumstance.

So, step one is to stop and breathe and to clarify for yourself what really is important to you and what truly makes you feel joyful. Perhaps it is time in the woods or by the ocean or playing with a child or visiting a friend. Next ask yourself what about these experiences makes them so important to you. You may be surprised as you delve deeper into the substance of your happiness. You may find that you are already much more prosperous than you thought you were. You may discover that blessings abound in the day by day occurrences of your life.

If you love yourself and are surrounded by love then you are living in abundance. You may want more. It is part of our human condition to want to improve ourselves and to desire “more” in our days. Perhaps you would like a new car or a vacation. We are designed to have wishes and to move towards manifesting them but the trick is learning how to let our good fortune in.

It is vital to appreciate all the blessings we do have and to live each day as gratefully and joyfully as possible. We may need to remind ourselves of this repeatedly and some days will be harder than others. But if we can remind ourselves to appreciate the blessings we already have we will gradually develop an attitude of prosperity. Only then will we be ”letting it in” and allowing more blessings to flow into our lives.

So practice gratitude and love yourself and see what happens. I do not say these words to preach but instead to gently urge you to be friendlier with yourself and others. It will pay off and all good things you have dreamed of will come your way. Emotional eating will no longer be an issue and life will be joyful. Try it and see!

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