Monday, September 8, 2008

Vacations should be mandatory!

When I talk to my clients about taking care of their bodies, minds and spirits I always stress the importance of relaxing, having fun and giving themselves a break from the stressors life delivers on a daily basis. Why then, I wonder is it so hard to follow my own sage advice? I am in Acadia National Park in Maine at the moment and truly relaxing for the first time in a long while. It was hard to leave e-mail, the office and phone behind but as we progressed farther and farther north and away from from those work-related pastimes I found myself breathing a little more deeply and anticipating the adventure of a few days in "paradise" of Maine.

We did bring a lap top along and I wanted to be sure to say hello to all of you who have so faithfully been reading this Chew Tamer's blog. But... this is the only time my fingers plan to bounce over the keys. Today a small hike of about 3 miles of the most replenishing scenery on earth. I strongly suggest you visit here if you ever have a chance. There are 57 miles of carriage roads just for hikers and bikers and most have gentle uphills and downs. It is easy to walk at a relaxed pace and drink in all the delicious treats mother nature has to offer.

Of course for those of your who prefer more rugged terrain, there is plenty and I generally do choose more difficult trails. I am learning, however, that it is fine to simply breathe, relax and enjoy. I am delighting in having unstructured time and not being in a rush about anything. I am cherishing every moment, staying in the present and I will return to New Hampshire at the end of the week refreshed and eager to immerse myself in my writing, speaking and meeting with clients with renewed zest and enthusiasm.

I hope never again to wait so long to give myself a break like this and I hope this little message serves as a reminder to you to do the same. Life is too short! Vacations will do more to stop emotional eating and promote healthy weight loss than any diet ever could -- they should be mandatory!

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