Monday, July 28, 2008

Look Within

As I blog each week, it is my sincere desire to share strategies you can employ to feel better – physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, to stop emotional eating and to lose weight, without dieting, if that is your goal. Thank you for joining me here and I hope these brief notes will help you to reaffirm your personal commitment to health. Remember, being healthy does not necessarily mean being thin, or wealthy or even wise -- nor does it mean being perfect at all times. Each of us is on our own path to radiant health. Each of us aspires to feeling happy and calm and to living our lives with zest and energy but each of our paths is unique. We may all seek similar things but how each of us finds health and happiness will be different.

We want to feel well but how to achieve this goal can be confusing. Each of us is bombarded daily by messages telling us what to eat, what to do, how to be beautiful and how to live every aspect of our lives. My philosophy is different. Rather than looking outside of yourself to figure out how to be, look within. I believe that you know way down inside of yourself, what to do and how to be. You may not know, however, how to listen to your own inner voice of wisdom. This takes practice and a way to start is by giving yourself quiet time each day to reflect and to notice what you are feeling.

It may be hard to carve time for yourself out of your busy schedule but please make yourself your number one priority. No one else will be there to take care of your needs. You have to pay attention to your own feelings and then decide what you truly need. This is your job, no one else’s. Most of us grew up without the unconditional love that every child deserves. Our parents were often too busy, too tired, too self-absorbed, too young, too stressed or too something to give us all the love, attention and care we needed. In this way, we learned that our needs are not important.

Well. They are. The past is whatever it was and the time to move beyond it and to begin taking action is now. I will check in with you weekly except for times I am away or unable to access my computer. Please use this blog as a reminder to you to provide an opportunity to look at the progress you are making as you move along your own, unique path to radiant health and a life of joy.

I am enjoying being on this journey with you and would love to hear from you anytime!
Be well!
Warmly, Dr. Denise

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