Monday, April 21, 2008

Chewlett to the Rescue

Life is stressful and it is vital that we nurture our relationships and talk with family and friends whenever we can. Being able to vent our frustrations or share our triumphs with someone who cares about us helps us feel connected. It may be difficult to attend to our need for connection at times. Here is an idea that many have found helpful:

I would like to introduce you to a fuzzy little friend who can help you to thrive during the holiday season, or any time you need to talk to a buddy – The Chewlett. I find that when folks are stressed, lonely, tired, sad, etc. they are often tempted to race for a fix of sugars and carbohydrates to calm themselves down and take the edge off their feelings. They can reach for their Chewlett instead and tell their little friend what’s eating them. The Chewlett makes them smile and is happy to ride in a pocket or purse, sit on a desk or dashboard and remind any of us to take care of ourselves and make self-loving choices. The Chewlett is happy to go anywhere and we can count on our little buddy to listen to us anytime we need to talk.

I am frequently asked for tips on how to avoid self-abusive self-abuse bingeing. Here are a couple of ideas to help you through:

Besides chatting with your friends, family members or Chewlett, reserve time each day just for yourself. Along with the hustle and bustle of life come many tasks that compete for your time and attention. See if you can delegate some of your responsibilities to others.

We may find ourselves rushing around taking care of everyone and everything but ourselves. We each need to find ways to create private, quiet, relaxing time for ourselves. If we don’t, we will become overtired, overwhelmed and consequently likely to over-feed ourselves as a way to cope with stress.

If we set aside moments here and there to nurture ourselves, we are far more likely to take care of ourselves in healthy ways all year long. And, when we take the very best care of ourselves, we are better equipped to attend to the needs of those around us. We are more relaxed, more balanced and more energetic. Life can be more fun and less like an exhausting marathon.

So please slow down and enjoy this wonderful springtime of the year. Do only what you truly want to do and decline needless chores, chaos and calories. Make this the best season ever by taking the very best care of yourself. Keep yourself number one. You’re worth it! I wish you and your loved ones many, many blessings!

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